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Automotive Tire Pressure Monitoring Solution using Smart Passive Sensors 

by ON Semiconductor - 2016-07-18

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed how Battery-free Wireless Sensors are capable of detecting temperature, pressure, proximity, and moisture data in a variety of applications where size and accessibility are at a premium. Through this advanced technology, which operates without the need for a battery to be present, multiple sensors as well as key features and functionality can be integrated on to a single chip. 

Pikachu- I choose you! 

by Eamonn Ahearne - 2016-07-14

When I lived in France in the late 90s, my 8 year old son was the world’s biggest Pokémon fan. He spent hours meticulously documenting every Pokémon he met during his Gameboy sessions on page after page of his paper Pokémon diary, while I became an international Pokémon card smuggler, especially when I visited Tokyo as the Japanese versions were particularly sought after.

JunoCam and the KAI-2020 Image Sensor – First Pictures from Orbit 

by Michael DeLuca - 2016-07-13

After completing its five year, 2.8 billion kilometer (1.7 billion mile) journey from Earth, NASA’s Juno Orbiter successfully entered orbit around Jupiter on July 4th to begin its mission to better understand the origin and evolution of the gas giant.  Six days later, the orbiter’s JunoCam instrument – which uses a KAI-2020 image sensor to capture color images from orbit – captured this image of the planet and three of its largest moons:

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