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Featured New Products from ON Semiconductor  

by ON Semiconductor - 2017-02-21 15:28:13.0

ON Semiconductor’s Featured New Product (FNP) listing highlights some of the newest devices released. Each update includes the newest products by product category, a summary of what makes them unique and the link to read more details. Whether you’re researching for your newest design or just satisfying your curiosity, these updates are your perfect guide.

Below are a few of the stand out products you’ll find on the list today. A full list of the latest Featured New Products from ON Semiconductor can be found here

Academy Award Winning Digital Cameras 

by Michael DeLuca - 2017-02-13 09:19:07.0

This weekend, ARRI – the largest manufacturer of motion picture equipment in the world – accepted a Scientific and Technical Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for development of the ALEXA digital camera system. ALEXA cameras are used throughout the world for professional motion picture and television productions, and were used to capture the last five movies to win the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. In its award citation, the Academy specifically pointed to the intuitive design and appealing image reproduction of ALEXA cameras, which were among the first digital cameras widely adopted by cinematographers.

Automotive 48V Power Supply, finally a reality?  

by Deres Eshete - 2017-02-09 10:39:03.0

The drive for lower emissions standards combined with the increasing electronics content in automotive especially in higher power applications such as active suspension, regenerative braking and various electrical motors and pumps are driving the need to consider supplementing the 12V rail with a higher voltage.  The automotive Industry has been considering this higher voltage node for decades, starting with the 42V proposal in the 90’s finally settling the level at 48V systems.  The 48V rail provides enough guard band to avoid the 60V shock threshold avoiding the need for extra protection, the orange cabling/connections and specialized support equipment in the case maintenance and accidents.  

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