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Ask an Expert: Can a touch/proximity sensor be used to detect gestures?  

by ON Semiconductor - 2016-06-27

We are all familiar with Touch Screen Displays through the use of the modern Mobile Phone. However, these screens require that you actually touch them. Touching a screen is not practicable for a chef whose hands are covered in batter, or for a hospital nurse helping in surgery. This video will introduce you an solution idea using a a touch / proximity sensor to be used to detect gestures without touching the switch.

JunoCam and the KAI-2020 Image Sensor 

by Michael DeLuca - 2016-06-27

Since its launch in August 2011, NASA’s Juno orbiter has travelled a long way – 2.8 billion kilometers (1.7 billion miles) or so – on its journey from Earth to Jupiter.  And after five years cruising through the inner solar system, its trip finally ends next week as the orbiter arrives at Jupiter on July 4.  

What Technical Challenges Are Involved in the Transition to Brushless Motors? 

by Berko Kletzander - 2016-06-20

The motor of choice in many applications over the last century has been the brushed motor because of its simplicity. It works as soon as it is switched on – vary the voltage and the speed changes and reverse the voltage across its terminals and the motor does the same.  This is possible because of a mechanical switch in the motor called the commutator. The commutator consists of revolving copper slip rings that connect to the rotating motor coils and sliding contacts that conduct the current from the fixed motor case to the slip rings. As the motor coil assembly rotates, the coil terminals slide past the brushes directing current through the coils in such a way as to maintain rotation (thus the named brushed motor).

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