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New Options for Low Light Industrial Imaging 

by Michael DeLuca - 2016-09-21

Over the past year, the KAE-02150 image sensor—the first device to leverage ON Semiconductor’s Interline Transfer EMCCD technology—has been recognized both as a 2015 Product of the Year by Electronics Products and as a Gold-level winner of the Vision Systems Design 2016 Innovators Award. And while we’re clearly honored by these recognitions, we know that it’s not enough to simply rest on these laurels.  That’s why we’re excited about two new advances that further expand the use of this technology into new products for low light industrial applications.

A Deal that Delivers Real Benefits for Our Customers 

by Paul Rolls - 2016-09-19

Bringing together two established industry leaders, ON Semiconductor’s acquisition of Fairchild Semiconductor creates one extraordinary company, and a new global Top 10 non-memory semiconductor supplier. And, as a company whose investment strategy has always been based on adding value for its customers, one of the most exciting aspects of this deal is that it delivers very real benefits to customers of both organizations.

See you at Power Fortronic 2016 

by Vittorio Crisafulli - 2016-09-16

The need of having high efficiency systems is becoming more and more important especially in high power applications, such as battery charges, UPS and Solar. IGBTs are playing a big role in this, as they represent the core of the power conversions. The latest IGBT’s Field Stop families and Soft-Fast efficient co-packaged diodes from ON Semiconductor represent the state of art in performances for industrial applications. These IGBTs achieve higher efficiency and better thermal performances.

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