Phoenix, AZ - June 5, 2000 - ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN) today announced the addition of a microprocessor monitor to its sizeable power management portfolio. The NCP1232 is a fully integrated microprocessor supervisor that safeguards processor sanity. Specifically designed for applications that require critical microprocessor power monitoring, this device provides three vital conditions for a microprocessor: a precision power on/off RESET control that halts and restarts an out of control processor, a programmable watchdog timer that holds a microprocessor in check during power transients and an external reset override that automatically restarts the microprocessor after power failure.

"The addition of the NCP1232 expands the opportunities for ON Semiconductor devices in intelligent applications," said Laurent Jenck, marketing manager for analog ICs at ON Semiconductor. "ON Semiconductor continuously refines and updates its analog circuit designs and portfolios to serve as a bridge between the microprocessor based applications and real-world signals. We strive to meet the needs of our customers with specific needs in the analog power IC space."

The precision power on/off reset control ensures that the system and the power supply have time to stabilize by holding the microprocessor in a reset state for a minimum of 250 msec after the supply voltage is within tolerance. This feature provides a power-on reset as power is applied and detects intolerance in the supply voltage, which prevents the system from operating in an unstable environment. This feature also enables a safe system shutdown and prevents unpredictable operation when power to the system is failing.

The NCP1232 also has an on-board programmable watchdog circuit that monitors the low-going signal from the microprocessor to the ST input. If the processor fails to supply this signal within a pre-set timeframe, which can be set to 150 msec, 600 msec or 1200 msec, the NCP1232 notifies the microprocessor of an out-of-control situation and forces the processor to reset.

The reset outputs of the NCP1232 can be driven into their active states by an external RESET override, which can be in the form of either a mechanical push-button or an active logic signal, used at the push-button reset input. The NCP1232 debounces the push-button input and guarantees the active reset pulse width of a minimum of 250 msec.

Ideal for computers, controllers, automotive systems and intelligent instruments, the NCP1232 is offered in a small 8-pin SOIC package, and is known as NCP1232DR2. It is a flexible solution, with a very precise voltage detection threshold, that monitors the supply voltage at the selected 5% or 10% levels. It enables a simplified design and board layout saving on board space and overall system cost since the NCP1232 requires no external discrete components.

Samples and production quantities for the NCP1232DR2 Microprocessor Monitor are currently available. Suggested pricing is $1.28 per 10K units. Additional technical information on this microprocessor monitor can be located at ncp1232

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