Circuit Protection for eSATA

eSATA (external Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) are computer bus interfaces designed for direct connection between external storage devices and internal SATA interfaces utilized for transmitting data at very high speeds.

Interface Standard Super Speed Pairs Max Data Rate (Gb/s) Max Capacitance (pF)
eSATA1.0 2 1.5 0.9
eSATA2.0 2 3 0.65
eSATA3.0 2 6 0.5

eSATA connector eSATA connector eSATA connector

Low Capacitance ESD Protection

Low Capacitance ESD


eSATA 3.0 @ 6 Gb/s
Without ESD

Low Capacitance ESD
- ESD7x04

Without ESD diagram

eSATA 3.0 @ 6 Gb/s
With ESD

With ESD diagram

Key Devices Lines Capacitance (pF) Package Size (mm)
ESD8004 4 0.32 UDFN-10 2.5 x 1.0
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