Medical Discretes

ON Semiconductor offers a broad portfolio of medically-qualified discrete components for use in medical applications, including: zener and Schottkey diodes, MOSFETS, IGBTs, and power regulators.

Custom Medical Discretes

Customized Support
For medical applications, customized support for value-added services is available to address the specific needs of medical customers:

  • Lot Acceptance Testing (LAT)
  • Visual Inspection
  • Bare Die Flows
  • Labeling & Certificate Compliance
  • 15-year Record Retention
  • Lot Traceability
  • Extended Process Longevity
  • Au Wire Bonding
  • Custom Part Numbering
  • AEC101 Compliance
  • Certified Trained Personnel
  • Tightened PCN Management
  • Continuity of Supply Commitments
  • Customer-Specific Requirements

High-Reliability Process Flows
Process flows patterned on MIL-Standard protocols are available:

  • MIL-STF-750 Test Method Certified
  • JAN/JANHC quality levels supported
  • Manufacturing done in DLA-approved line (where required)
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