Source code for the BLE audio data decoder used in ble_android_asha sample program

I am using the ble_android_asha_OD sample program, for reference, given here:

(which sends decoded ble audio stream to OD instead of an external Ezairo device)

If I am not mistaken this sample program uses g722 decoder for the BLE audio stream, which has been implemented in the LPDSP32. The binary for the LPDSP32 is also included as part of the ble_android_asha_OD project.

Where is the LPDSP32 source code for this g722 decoder? I would like to run this decoder in debug mode on the LPDSP32, to analyze it and better understand how it works. Where can I find the source code for the LPDSP32 program used in the ble_android_asha_OD sample program?


Source code can be found in RSL10 LPDSP32 Software Package. Please note that to build, download and debug firmware directly on the LPDSP32, you will need ChessDE trial or license.

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I compiled my copy of “RSL10_LPDSP32_3.1.0.144\AudioCodecsDSP\src\codecs\g722_plc” in ChessDE. Then using in the DSPIntegration folder, I changed the g722_plc’s LPDSP32 binary into RSL10 CM3 code (.c/.h files) and replaced the .c/.h files inside g722_plc subfolder of ble_android_asha_OD project. If I do this the program hangs and does not work.

Specifically the problem seems to be during audio initialization, inside the dspHandshake() function in baseDSPCodec.c

This while loop

while (config->dspStatus != 1);

does not finish inside baseDSPCodec.c, line 154.

How can I fix this problem?