KB: I2S Digital Audio Standard using the RSL10 PCM Interface

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RSL10 offers a number of flexible I/O options that can be used to interface and communicate a variety of data across a physical connection between devices. One of the main selling points of the RSL10 is the ability to act as both ends of a Wireless Audio Streaming solution. To compliment these abilities, the RSL10’s PCM interface can be configured to receive and transmit Audio Samples that meet the I2S Standard.

How can the RSL10’s PCM Interface be configured to receive or transmit audio samples that conform to the I2S Standard?


Regardless of whether the PCM Interface is configured as an Input or an Output, the PCM Registers and the necessary Register Configuration values are outlined in Table 26 below. When these values are used to configure the PCM interface, any samples being received (I2S Input) will be interpreted according to the I2S Standard, and any samples being transmitted (I2S Output) will conform to same I2S Standard.

Figure 31 below also offers a simplified overview of what the I2S Standard Input/Output looks like when mapped to the corresponding PCM signals.


For more information regarding the RSL10’s implementation of the I2S Standard through the PCM interface, please read Section 11.5.3 “I2S Configuration and Usage” in our RSL10 Hardware Reference, available in the RSL10 Documentation Package.