AXM0F343 uart interrupt - read single char (AXM0F343-64-1-TX40)

we are new to AXM0F343-64-1-TX40

  1. Can you please show us a simple Single char read by uart interrupt .
  2. How Do we define the call back ?
  3. What example code best to implement the code .

thanks in advanced

Hey Yaniv,

Let me know if you ever figure out how to define a call back function. But if you still need to do a quick uart interrupt, I found that you can use the GPIO_Exception_Handler() in the app.c file. Just declare your uart pins and initialize the RX pin as an interrupt as well.


printf( “Change \n”);

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Hi Yaniv,
the UART example from the AXM0F343 CMSIS pack showcases exactly this functionality.

As you can see in the app.c code of the example, the UART and callback get all initialized by the function status = UART_Init(eUsart1, UART1_TX, UART1_RX, UART1_BAUD_RATE,UART1Event) , where UART1Event is the callback function declared in the same file.
The example sends up to 5 chars from the uart_rxbuf (with UART_Send(eUsart1, uart_rxbuf, DATA_LENGTH, BLOCK)) and waits to receive 5 chars ( UART_Receive(eUsart1, uart_rxbuf,DATA_LENGTH,NON_BLOCK).
You can change the number of chars by modifying DATA_LENGTH.