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Large signal model for AC analysis (IsSPICE) NCP1207ACIS (235.0kB) 0
Large signal model for AC analysis (PSPICE) NCP1207ACPS (38.0kB) 0
NSS60200LT LIB Model NSS60200LT1G.LIB (0.0kB) 0
NSS60200LT Saber Model NSS60200LT1G.SIN (1.0kB) 0
NSS60200LT Spice2 Model NSS60200LT1G.SP2 (0.0kB) 0
NSS60200LT Spice3 Model NSS60200LT1G.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
PSpice Model 1N4002RL.LIB (0.0kB) 0
PSpice Model 1N5404RL.LIB (0.0kB) 0
PSpice Model 1N4003RL.LIB (0.0kB) 0
PSpice Model 1N4004RL.LIB (0.0kB) 0
PSpice Model NSS40500UW3T2G.LIB (0.0kB) 0
PSpice Model 1N5401RL.LIB (0.0kB) 0
PSpice Model 1N4001RL.LIB (0.0kB) 0
PSpice Model 1N5402RL.LIB (0.0kB) 0
PSpice Models NSS40600CF8T1G.LIB (0.0kB) 0
Saber Model 1N5402RL.SIN (0.0kB) 0
Saber Model 1N4002RL.SIN (0.0kB) 0
Saber Model 1N5404RL.SIN (0.0kB) 0
Saber Model 1N4003RL.SIN (0.0kB) 0
Saber Model 1N4004RL.SIN (0.0kB) 0
Saber Model NSS40600CF8T1G.SIN (1.0kB) 0
Saber Model NSS40500UW3T2G.SIN (1.0kB) 0
Saber Model 1N5401RL.SIN (0.0kB) 0
Saber Model 1N4001RL.SIN (0.0kB) 0
Simplified freerun model for fast QR simulation (IsSPICE) NCP1207IS (31.0kB) 0
Simplified freerun model for fast QR simulation (PSPICE) NCP1207PS (18.0kB) 0
Spice2 Model 1N5402RL.SP2 (0.0kB) 0
Spice2 Model 1N4002RL.SP2 (0.0kB) 0
Spice2 Model 1N5404RL.SP2 (0.0kB) 0
Spice2 Model 1N4003RL.SP2 (0.0kB) 0
Spice2 Model 1N4004RL.SP2 (0.0kB) 0
Spice2 Model NSS40500UW3T2G.SP2 (0.0kB) 0
Spice2 Model 1N5401RL.SP2 (0.0kB) 0
Spice2 Model 1N4001RL.SP2 (0.0kB) 0
Spice2 Models NSS40600CF8T1G.SP2 (0.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model 1N4001RL.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model 1N5402RL.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model 1N4002RL.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model 1N5404RL.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model 1N4003RL.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model 1N4004RL.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model NSS40600CF8T1G.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model NSS40500UW3T2G.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model 1N5401RL.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
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