Support for Queue Writes from GATT Server?

Does the stack support ATT Queued Writes (ref. Core 5.0 p.2205; Prepare-Execute Writes) as a GATT Server?


RSL10 does not support ATT commands.

We do only support write attributes specified in RW-BLE-GATT-IS document.

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@martin.bela My question is about the GATT Server.
A GATT Client seems to support ATT Queued Writes as shown in RW-BLE-GATT-IS in Section “GATT_WRITE_CMD” using field auto_exectute.

Although, this seems to contradict your statement.

On the other hand, It would be good to know if a GATT Server supports or not ATT Queued Writes i.e. it is able to response to a write prepare-execute command?

Edit: According to the Bluetooth ICS Details of your stack (QDID=92528), 4/15 Write Long Characteristic Values (GATT Feature equivalent to Queued Writes) by server is supported (check box on the left):

Note that 1/4 “Complete GATT Server Layer” is also supported. This means that Onsemi stack MUST support this feature.

You question is “Prepare-Execute Writes) as a GATT Server?”

  1. Role is server not client.
  2. Use Prepare-Execute write

Yes. RSL10 support Client to send “Prepare-Execute Writes”, Not server!

3.One the server side, it can do notification and indication, NO “write”.
It can response write/read from peer device (client device).