RSL10 I2C Slave: Handle Combined Write and Read

The I2C CMSIS driver seems not to support the standard Combined Write and Read.

The sample application “i2c_cmsis_driver” (SDK 3.6) only uses the simple read/write format.

How would you implement this Combined Write and Read?

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Please check out this topic: Poling problem for I2C

Thanks for your reply.
I have seen this topic, but it addresses this issue in Master mode, but I am using the RSL10 in Slave mode.
I already have an idea of how to adapt the I2Cx_SlaveIRQHandler, but it’s not implemented/tested yet, hence the question if you perhaps already have a solution for this?

Thank you for the clarification. I’m unaware of any sample code that has been modified to support these transactions in the slave mode. We’ll take note to post if we do or link it here if someone else in the forum has.

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