RSL10 Auto wakeup from Sleep mode when Code runs from PRAM region

Hi Greetings,

I have used the sleep configuration provided in RSL10 sample code (“sleep_RAM_retention” project) and try to integrate them into Bootloader sample project.
The intention is to test the RSL10 sleep option is working or not when code runs from PRAM location.

SleepTesting project (attached project) contain basic system clock initialization, sleep configuration and linker memory region changes. when device enter into sleep mode, it automatically wakeup within 5 to 7 sec interval without any wakeup source. (63.9 KB)

I also attached the code file for reference.

Thanks in advance for support

Would you please re-send your complete SleepTesting project as you modified it in ON Semiconductor IDE so I can Build the project similar as sleep_RAM_retention example.


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