Measure current consumptions in onsemi RSL10 SIP

hello sir, i want measure power consumption of rsl10 sip board with oscilloscope, i am using usb power input, can you help me out, which steps i need to follow to measure current ?

Hello @kranthi.kumar, thank you for reaching out.
If you reference the schematic inside the “RSL10 SIP Evaluation and Development Board User’s Manual”, you will find an unpopulated resistor R32, next to the “CURRENT” header P3. By populating R32 with a low value shunt resistor (10mohm or less), you will be able to measure the voltage drop across it to calculate the current. This measurement will give you the current consumption of the RSL10 SIP alone, and will not include IO current sourced from VDDO.

For more information on the topic please check out our Knowledge Base article,

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