LPDSP32 hello world sample project not displaying printf() output on evaluation board

I am trying to debug the hello world sample program on the LPDSP32 hardware (RSL10 evaluation board) as shown in RSL10_lpdsp32_support_manual.pdf section 3.6

I can already debug on the ISS as described in chapter 2

If I try to put a break point on the printf() line as described in section 3.6 point 2, I do not see any breakpoint on the ChessDE IDE. If I press Debug > Go/Continue anyway, the program seems to run but I don’t see the printf() output in the Hosted I/O console

During this time, the cmd console window running jtalk server is continuously printing out text very fast, as if the LPDSP32 program is running on an infinite loop (I use jtalk server using the command line jtalk.exe -c jlink -f 2000 -v)

I can put a breakpoint on the void main(void) line though, and the program seems to stop here during debugging as well. However, if I continue the program after that, I still don’t see the printf() output on the Hosted I/O console

  1. Does this mean my setup is working or not? Even though printf() is not showing anything, does the fact that the IDE seems to communicate with the board using jtalk mean my hardware connection is set up correctly (RSL10 DIO setup, wire connection from jlink board to RSL10 evaluation board)?

  2. When running LPDSP32 program on the hardware, does the program keep looping the main() function, even after the main() has exited? Is this the correct behaviour? When debugging on the ISS the program stops once the main() function has returned. Does debugging on hardware behave differently?

  3. How do I properly enable displaying printf() message when debugging LPDSP32 on hardware?


I think that you have already fixed this since you posted a new thread at:

Not able to integrate LPDSP32 fibonacci sample project with the RSL10 Arm Cortex application

@martin.bela these issues aren’t related. The issue I mentioned in the other post was completely different, however, that particular one has been resolved

The issue in this post is about displaying a printf() message from ChessDE. The Hello world program as described in chapter 2 (running LPDSP32 program in ISS) works as described in the manual. Chapter 3 of the manual says the printf() message will display on Hosted I/O console if I run the same Hello world sample on RSL10 hardware, but it doesn’t display anything. That is the problem. If I single step through the program I can see it jump through all the ‘call’ instructions related to printf() in the disassembly window, but the printf() message it self doesn’t show up. Also, it looks like I cannot put a break point on the printf() line when running this program on the RSL10 hardware, but I can put a break point on the void main() line. I would also like to know which functions I can put a break point on, and which I can’t, when running on the hardware.