Get scanned information from a client

I have a RLS10 configured as peripheral device, it advertise data as shown below :

void APP_SetAdvScanData(void)
	uint8_t devName[] = APP_DFLT_DEVICE_NAME;

	// To advertise the custom service
	uint8_t custom_service_uuid[]  = CS_SVC_Implant_Data_UUID;

	  /* Reset the application manager environment */
	memset(&app_adv_info, 0, sizeof(app_adv_info));

	/* Set advertising data as device name */ = 0;

	/* Add Manufacturer specific data into the scan response packet.
	 * This contains the custom service and vbat
	/* Set scan response data as custom service UUID */ = 0;

	GAPM_AddAdvData(GAP_AD_TYPE_COMPLETE_LIST_128_BIT_UUID, custom_service_uuid,

	GAPM_AddAdvData(GAP_AD_TYPE_MANU_SPECIFIC_DATA, (uint8_t *) &this_device_param.vbat_v,

I have another RSL10 configured as a client to scan the peripheral, based on the ble_central_client_scan example. I have a look to How to update Manufacturer Specific Data like RSSI and display it on the serial terminal?, but i can get only the device name but not the others data.
Can you please help to achieve this ?

I also want to make a BLE device based on the custom service that i have implemented, do you have any example to do that ?

Best regards,