GAPM message for advertising start and stop/cancelled

Is there any GAPM message sent when advertising starts (as a result of calling GAPM_StartAdvertsingCmd()? It seems that a GAPM_CMP_EVT message is only sent when advertising is stopped (with param->operation = GAPM_ADV_* and param->status = GAP_ERR_CANCELLED).

I would like to keep track of advertising starting and stopping by handling the appropriate message, but it appears that I can only do that for advertising being cancelled. Is this true? Also, is there any query to know if advertising is ongoing or not?


Please refer to our community forum knowledge base, to see DIO pins to shows TX & RX activity , in addition of this, we can also see the advertising interval time.
Using DIO PIN to show TX and RX activity on RSL10.

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Thanks for the KB link for tracking TX and RX activity - this may be useful to me at some point.

However, I was really looking for something much higher, at the RW stack level. I can keep track of advertising being enabled and disabled with a state variable; I was just expecting their to be some API call or at least a kernel message when advertising is started (as I mentioned above, there does seem to be a message for when advertising is cancelled).


We don’t have any other way to track advertising on or off. We don’t have API or kernel message to get this.