Flashing on SECO−RSL10−CAM−COLOR−GEVK error

I’m trying to flash .hex file to SECO−RSL10−CAM−COLOR−GEVK evaluation board using “RSL10_StandAlone_Flash_Loader” that is provided. But, the error occurs as below

Connecting to device
Device “RSL10” selected.
Setting speed to max
Actual speed: 200 kHz
Error: Cannot halt DMA channels
Error: Internal error 100
Error: Connect failed

Do I need to do an extra setup to enable flashing or please let us know if anyone knows the solution.

Hi @noaa ,

There should not be any additional steps required.
Just power connection over the USB and J-Link connected to the 10-pin debug header.

Is the board that you are trying to reflash functional?
If so, you can also try to update firmware from a mobile device with the RSL10 FOTA app.

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Thanks Lukas,
As a test purpose for our prototype, I’m trying to modify the current source code and reflash a new hex files. At the end, I’ll customize the entire board for our final product.

I guess the board might be in a sleeping mode. So, how can I check whether it is in a sleeping mode and then switch it into active mode?

The on-board LED should be blinking during normal operation when not-connected over BLE.
The RSL10 enters deep sleep when LED is off, so you cannot debug at those times.

The debugger can reset and re-flash the board even if RSL10 was in sleep mode.
I would also double check the orientation of the 10-pin cable from debugger, some adapters allow you to plug in the wrong end of it.

You can disable sleep modes in the RTE/Board_Support/onsemi_smartshot_config.h file for debugging (see Configuration section of the readme file).

It is also possible that the original FW used older version of FOTA and you also need to re-flash the FOTA binary as they are linked together. Instructions on how to get complete Flash image are in the Generating initial Flash image part of readme. You need to Flash this once and then you can use normal debug sessions as long as you do not update the RSL10 CMSIS-Pack version.

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