Controlling Exposure time and other parameters of ARX3A0 ISP module in RSL10 smartshot camera

I am trying to control the frame size, exposure, and gain settings of ARX3A0 image sensor which is inside Mono 65° DFOV IAS Module in the RSL10 smartshot camera eval board. Where in the source code smartshot_demo_cam can I get access to these parameters or how can I access the registers controlling these parameters? Please let me know.

We are currently looking into this and I will update you directly within this ticket once we have more details to share.

Thanks. Please let me know as soon you you get an update. I am going through smartshot_isp.c and .h file to find it out,

Any updates on this? Please let me know.


All of these parameters are fixed in the SPCV1100A Camera Controller and are not exposed to the SmartShot camera firmware running on RSL10.

If you require different configuration then you can inquire SunplusIT for modified Camera Controller firmware.

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I got this email from Sunplus IT when I enquired about their product SPCV1100A that onsemi has used in the RSL10 smartshot camera eval board. What specification did you requested for this eval board? What exposure time, analog gain, frame rate and anyother specification did onsemi requested for this eval board? I can email Sunplus once I get to know what are the values of these parameters that camera controller firmware currently has. Please let me know.

Any update on this? What is the current exposure time, frame rate, analog gain of ARX3A0 in the RSL10 smartshot camera? Even though they are fixed in SPCV1100A, what are the values of these fixed parameters that RSL10 smartshot camera is using? It is really important for me to know this information. Please let me know.