AX8052F143 - How to configurate GPIO for alternate functions

I am using AX8052F143 IC. but not able to configure GIPO pins for UART. I am not able to access PALTA, PALTB, PALTC registers in either of files generated by AxRadioLab.

Hi @praphullranjan4 ,
the GPIO configuration for the AX8052 MCU is detailed in the AX8052 Programming Manual. From page 47 you can find all the info on the different fields (as shown below) that need to configured in order to properly define the function of a GPIO.

You can see how the GPIOs are configured inspecting the main.c of any AX-RadioLab generated project, in particular inside uint8_t _sdcc_external_startup(void).
For a deeper look on the source code of the UART initialization, you can inspect the function void com0_portinit(void) inside display_com0.c that you can find in the COMMON folder of your project.