AX5045 Wire Mode Stop Bits Strange Requirements

We are interested in the “Wire Mode Asynchronous” in AX5045 because it would allow us to retrofit legacy protocol devices. Specifically our older Semtech radios were used in “continuous” mode, where the UART from a nearby microcontroller sent standard NRZ with start bit and one stop bit directly to the modulator of the radio, bypassing packet engines. The AX5045 claims to accommodate this, but on page 20 of the data sheet, they claim the transmitting UART must send two stop bits but accept a single stop bit when receiving. At best this seems rather cryptic for a mode which claims to emulate a piece of wire. At worst this would require reconfiguring the micro’s UART stop bit settings when switching between transmit and receive, or perhaps using two UARTs to accommodate this without the switching overhead. In addition, we must know definitively how many stop bits the AX5045 actually puts on the air because our legacy systems use a single stop bit both modulated and baseband. Please explain the stop bit(s) requirement in AX5045 Wire Mode Asynchronous.