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AXDBG-2-GEVK: DVK-2 Debug Adapter

The AX8052 Debug Interface AXDBG connects the AX8052 and AXM0 Microcontroller Debug Interface, consisting of the Signals RESET_N, DBG_EN, PB6, PB7, GND and VCCIO to a standard PC USB Interface.

Supported Development Kits:

The DVK-AXM0F243-868-1-GEVK can be found here: DVK-AXM0F243-868-1-GEVK

The DVK-AXM0F243-915-1-GEVK can be found here: DVK-AXM0F243-915-1-GEVK

The DVK-BASE-2-GEVK (DVK-2) can be found here: DVK-BASE-2-GEVK

The F143-MINI-2-GEVK (AX8052F143 Mini Development Kit) can be found here: F143-MINI-2-GEVK

The F143-MINI-A-MOD-GEVB (AX8052F143 Mini DVK Mod Evaluation Board) can be found here: F143-MINI-A-MOD-GEVB

The F143-MINI-B-MOD-GEVB (AX8052F143 Mini DVK Mod Evaluation Board) can be found here: F143-MINI-B-MOD-GEVB

The DVK-SFEU-1-GEVK (Sigfox EU DVK) can be found here: DVK-SFEU-1-GEVK

The DVK-SFUS-1-GEVK (Sigfox US DVK) can be found here: DVK-SFUS-1-GEVK

The DVK-SFJK-1-GEVK (Sigfox JK DVK) can be found here: DVK-SFJK-1-GEVK

The DVK-SFAZ-1-GEVK (Sigfox AZ DVK) can be found here: DVK-SFAZ-1-GEVK

For documentation, see below for the AX8052 Debugger Software manual.
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used Action
DVK-2 Debug Adapter
Technical Documents
Type Document Title Document ID/Size Rev
Application Notes AX8052 Production Programming AND9330/D - 83 KB  2 
Application Notes AX8052 Debugger Software Manual AND9370/D - 132 KB  3 
Eval Board: Schematic AXDBG-2-GEVK Schematic AXDBG-2-GEVK_SCHEMATIC - 39 KB  1 
Eval Board: Gerber AXDBG-2-GEVK Gerber (Zip Format) - 136 KB  1 
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