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Document ID/Size
Automotive High-Voltage Switcher for Low Power Offline SMPS NCV1070/D (808kB) 6
Automotive High-Voltage Switcher for Low Power Offline SMPS NCV1060/D (425kB) 2
FAN6224-D.pdf FAN6224/D (1347kB) A
FCB290N80 - N-Channel SuperFET® II MOSFET FCB290N80/D (729kB) A
FCD3400N80Z / FCU3400N80Z - N-Channel SuperFET® II MOSFET FCU3400N80Z/D (846kB) A
High Performance Current Mode Controllers NCV3843BV/D (418kB) 3
High-Voltage, Quasi-Resonant, Controller featuring Valley Lock-Out Switching NCP1340/D (1154kB) 17
MOSFET — Power, Single N-Channel 60 V, 2.4 mΩ, 150 A NVMFS5C628NL/D (140kB) 2
OptoHiT Series, High-Temperature Phototransistor Optocoupler in Half-Pitch Mini-Flat 4-Pin Package FODM8801A/D (219kB) 4
Power Rectifier, Standard Recovery, 1 A, 1000 V MRA4003T3/D (56kB) 11
Precision Voltage Reference, 20 mA Micropower NCV51460/D (413kB) 0
Schottky Power Rectifier, Surface Mount, 3.0 A, 100 V, SMC Package MBRS3100T3/D (126kB) 7
Switching Regulator Automotive Buck 1.2 A, 2 MHz NCV890100/D (209kB) 3
Zener Voltage Regulators MMSZ2V4T1/D (217kB) 12
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