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Document ID/Size
2-Channel Forward/Reverse Motor Driver LV8406T/D (91.0kB) 1
2ch Forward/Reverse Motor Driver LV8402GP/D (116.0kB) 1
4-Channel Stepper Motor Driver LV8411GR/D (105.0kB) 1
6-channel Motor Driver IC for Digital Still Camera ENA0438/D (372kB) 1
Automotive Inductive Load Driver NUD3124/D (159kB) 13
Forward/Reverse 1-Channel H-bridge Motor Driver ENA1996/D (162.0kB) 0
Industrial Inductive Load Driver NUD3160/D (152kB) 8
Integrated Relay, Inductive Load Driver NUD3105/D (166kB) 12
Integrated Relay, Inductive Load Driver NUD3105D/D (146.0kB) 5
Integrated Relay, Inductive Load Driver NUD3112/D (141kB) 11
MOSFET — Power, Single, P-Channel, ESD, UDFN, 1.6x1.6x0.55 mm -20 V, -5.2 A NTLUS3A39PZ/D (147kB) 2
MOSFET — Small Signal, Complementary with ESD Protection, SOT-563 20 V, 540 mA / -430 mA NTZD3155C/D (140kB) 4
MOSFET — Small Signal, Complementary, SC-88 20 V / -8.0 V, +0.63 A / -0.775 A NTJD4105C/D (131kB) 2
Motor Driver, H-Bridge x 2-Channel, for DSC and Phone Camera LV8413GP/D (99.0kB) 1
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