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2 MHz Low-Iq Dual-Mode Step-Down Regulator for Automotive NCV891334/D (138kB) 0
500 mA, Very Low Dropout Bias Rail CMOS Voltage Regulator NCV8135/D (734kB) 1
Buck Switching Regulator Automotive 1.2 A, 2 MHz NCV890130/D (210kB) 3
LDO Regulator - Ultra-Low Noise, High PSRR, RF and Analog Circuits 250 mA NCV8163/D (1024kB) 3
Surface Mount Schottky Power Rectifier MBRS1540T3/D (71kB) 4
Switching Diode BAS16HT1/D (91kB) 13
Switching Regulator Automotive Buck 1.2 A, 2 MHz NCV890100/D (209kB) 3
Voltage Regulator - Dual, Low IQ, Low Dropout 150 mA NCV8152/D (1432kB) 5
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