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Document ID/Size
Analog/Digital DPFC Q-R Primary Side C-M Controller for LED Lighting NCL30086/D (575kB) 3
Combination Power Factor Correction and Quasi-Resonant Flyback Controllers for LED Lighting NCL30030/D (1049kB) 1
Controller, PFC, Continuous Conduction Mode, Fixed Frequency, Compact NCP1653/D (213kB) 10
Controller, PFC, High Efficiency, Single Stage NCP1652/D (340.0kB) 3
Critical Conduction Mode PFC Controller Utilizing a Transconductance Error Amplifier NCP1608/D (224kB) 5
Enhanced, High-Efficiency Power Factor Controller NCP1612/D (1951kB) 11
High PF Offline Single Stage LED Driver with High Voltage Startup NCL30060/D (727kB) 8
High Voltage High Efficiency Power Factor Correction Controller NCP1615/D (1663kB) 8
High Voltage High Efficiency Power Factor Correction Controller NCP1616/D (1317kB) 1
High-Effiency Single Stage Power Factor Correction and Step-Down Offline LED Driver NCL30001/D (281kB) 1
N-Channel Power MOSFET 800 V, 4.5 mOhms NDD03N80Z/D (118kB) 2
PFC and Resonant Half Bridge Combo Controller for LED Lighting NCL30051/D (134kB) 1
PWM Current-Mode Controller for High-Power Universal Off-Line Supplies NCP1216/D (391kB) 16
PWM Current-Mode Controller for Low-Power Universal Off-Line Supplies NCP1200/D (281kB) 19
Power Factor Controller NCP1650/D (224kB) 13
Power Factor Controller for Continuous Conduction Mode Pre-Converters NCP1654/D (164kB) 6
Power Factor Controller, Enhanced, High Voltage and Efficient Standby Mode NCP1605/D (568kB) 12
Power Factor Controller, High-Efficiency, Enhanced for Lighting NCL2801/D (457kB) 3
Power Factor Corrected Buck LED Driver NCL30002/D (226.0kB) 0
Power Factor Corrected Quasi-Resonant Primary Side Current-Mode Controller for LED Lighting NCL30288/D (199kB) 0
Power Rectifier, Soft Recovery, Switch-mode, 8 A, 600 V MSR860/D (119kB) 6
Self-Supplied Monolithic Switcher for Low Standby-Power Offline SMPS NCP1015/D (398.0kB) 3
Switch Mode Power Rectifiers NHPV08S600/D (61kB) 3
Switch-Mode Power Rectifiers MUR420/D (123kB) 16
Switch-mode Power Rectifier MUR820/D (137kB) 13
Switchmode Power Rectifiers NHPV15S600/D (98.0kB) 0
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