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A Combined Single-Pulse and Repetitive UIS Rating System AN-7515 A
Analysis of MOSFET Failure Modes in LLC Resonant Converter AN-9067 A
Driving and Layout Design for Fast Switching Super-Junction MOSFETs AN-9005 A
GreenBridge™ to Replace Conventional Diode Bridge in Power Over Ethernet Applications AN-9759 A
MOSFET Basics AN-9010 A
MOSFETs for 60 W High-Power PoE Applications AN-4154 A
Maximum Power Enhancement Techniques for SuperSOT™-6 Power MOSFETs AN-1026 A
New Generation Super-Junction MOSFETs, SuperFET® II and SuperFET® II Easy Drive MOSFETs for High Efficiency and Lower Switching Noise AN-5232 A
New PowerTrench® MOSFET with Shielded Gate Technology Increases System Efficiency and Power Density in Synchronous Rectification Applications AN-6099 A
PCB Land Pattern Design and Surface Mount Guidelines for MicroFET™ Packages AN-7525 A
Power MOSFET Avalanche Guideline AN-9034 A
Practical Considerations of Trench MOSFET Stability when Operating in Linear Mode AN-4161 A
Shielded Gate PowerTrench® MOSFET Datasheet Explanation AN-4163 A
User Guide for FEBFDMQ8203_13 W GreenBridge™ Evaluation Kit for Power Over Ethernet 13 W Flyback DC-DC AN-FEBFDMQ8203-13W A
User Guide for FEBFDMQ8203_25 W GreenBridge™ Evaluation Kit for Power Over Ethernet 25 W Flyback DC-DC AN-FEBFDMQ8203-25W A
User Guide for GreenBridge Evaluation Kit for Power Over Ethernet 90 W Active Clamp Forward DC-DC Converter AN-FEBFDMQ8203-90W A
User Guide for GreenBridge™ Evaluation Kit for Power Over Ethernet 30W Active Clamp Forward DC-DC AN-FEBFDMQ8203-30W A
Using Fairchild Semiconductor Dual Cool™ MOSFETs AN-9056 A
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