Today’s advanced front lighting systems (AFLS) utilize a combination of sensors, motors, and an LED matrix to adjust the direction and intensity of the light beam. As a leader in automotive LED lighting solutions, we offer a wide portfolio of products and solutions that enable the growing automotive advanced front lighting market. These solutions include power management (DC-DC current source), pixel controllers, and stepper motor drivers for tilt and swivel. Our products support modular designs, allowing for a different number of LED strings; as well as flexible design options, supporting multiple car platforms with the same electronics.

Reference Design

NV78763RLA11GEVK: NCV78763 Ref Design LDM Kit

The NCV78763 REF Design LDM A KIT v1.1 is meant for Automotive LED Front Lighting Advanced Applications for Day Time Running Light, Position Light and Turn Indicator, aimed for car bulb equivalent system replacement and migration to Power LEDS.