RSL10 Smart Shot Camera

Combining cloud-based AI with ultra-low-power triggered image capture, the RSL10 Smart Shot Camera enables next-generation IoT imaging applications including surveillance cameras, factory automation, and smart agriculture.

Using the RSL10 Smart Shot Camera, developers can create imaging applications that automatically capture an image when triggered by various elements including time or environmental changes such as motion, humidity or temperature. The platform can operate in low power mode while monitoring a specific part of its field of view, automatically taking an image when the scene's contents change. The image can be sent to the provided mobile application over Bluetooth® Low Energy, allowing for connectivity to cloud or AI recognition services.

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Event-Triggered Imaging

Event-Triggered Image Capture

The RSL10 Smart Shot Camera can be triggered using a variety of sensors including motion & temperature. When ‘triggered’, the camera takes, processes, and sends the image over Bluetooth® Low Energy to a connected device.

Image Capture
Bluetooth® Low Energy
Data Transfer

Bluetooth Low Energy is used to control and receive images from the camera to a mobile app. The camera also supports Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) updates.

Bluetooth Connectivity
App-Based Developer Control

Using the provided mobile app, developers can control triggers, connectivity or image capture settings or connect to or connect to Amazon Recognition to analyze images.

Object Recognition
Trigger Configuration


Safety Helmet Camera

Monitor employee saftey and log data in the field.

In-Car Cabin Monitor

Monitor rear seats on in dash display or mobile phone.

Greenhouse Monitoring

Monitor health and growth of crops in a greenhouse

Automotive Accident Identification

Use “acceleration” and “proximity” sensors to sense when a collision is likely.

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