a versatile and easily configurable development kit that allows for easy development of mesh networking applications

Bluetooth® Low Energy Mesh Networking

Bluetooth® Low Energy Mesh Networks are a many-to-many topology and use managed flooding to send data. As a result, they don’t require any centralized routing or routing tables networks. The Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh specifications has built in security with encryption at multiple layers, so nodes in the network can relay traffic without needing to be aware of the contents of any messages. A properly placed Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh Network can span larger distances than traditional P2P Bluetooth communications as nodes can perform message passing by relaying packets to a destination node that are out of range of the transmitting node. This enables a variety of applications previously out of reach for Bluetooth technology.

RSL10 Software Development Kit

The RSL10 Software Development Kit (SDK) enables rapid development of ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy applications by leveraging convenient abstraction, drivers and sample applications from Blinky to complete BLE peripherals, and everything in between.

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