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Connected Lighting Platform

Combining wireless, power, and options for control, the Connected Lighting Platform provides everything needed to develop energy efficient LED lighting solutions.

The platform features an LED module, an LED driver module, an AC/DC module, and a Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity module based on the RSL10 SIP. For Power Over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity up to 90 Watts, the PoE Module is available separately.

By adding Bluetooth 5 connectivity, the platform easily connects to any smartphone using the RSL10 Sense and Control app. This app supports advanced LED lighting control functionalities including on/off, dimming and telemetry. Battery-less applications can also be developed using the Energy Harvesting Bluetooth® Low Energy Switch.

Supported by an extensive software infrastructure, developers have access to various use-cases and customizable firmware provided within the CMSIS Pack. Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) updates can be easily sent using the RSL10 FOTA app.

Featured Resources

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Where to Start With Event Triggered Imaging?

The RSL10 Smartshot Camera is a complete node-to-cloud platform that enables smart image capture for portable, low duty cycle IoT applications including asset monitoring and security. Based on the RSL10 SIP and ARX3A0 CMOS image sensor, the platform features multiple trigger modes including time (intervals ranging from 10 seconds to 1 minute), motion detection, and environmental sensor triggers (e.g. changes in temperature and humidity).

Platform Overview

Platforms & Modules
LIGHTING-1-GEVK Connected Lighting Platform
LIGHTING-POWER-POE-GEVB Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Module
Mobile Apps for Connectivity
RSL10 Sense & Control GooglePlayTM
RSL10 FOTA GooglePlayTM
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