Bluetooth IoT Development Kit (B-IDK)

Easily Develop Low Power Wireless Applications

With optimized power consumption and easy connectivity to smartphones, Bluetooth® Low Energy is the preferred protocol for short-range connected devices including wearables, medical devices, asset trackers, beacons and various smart home devices.

Built on the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth 5 certified SoC, RSL10, the B-IDK is a configurable node-to-cloud development platform for Bluetooth Low Energy applications. The B-IDK features modular hardware comprised of a wide selection of sensors and actuators. The development software includes a CMSIS pack that contains sample code for several use cases and detailed documentation. In addition to controlling the hardware, the accompanying mobile app allows publishing and subscribing (MQTT) of sensor and actuator data from several popular cloud services.

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  • Features Industry’s Lowest Power Bluetooth 5 radio
    • 62.5 nW Deep Sleep
    • 7 mW Peak Receiving
  • Configurable mobile application supporting cloud connectivity
    • Compatible with AWS, Azure, Bluemix or custom cloud services
  • Ready-to-Use Sample Code
  • Easily Connect to Other IoT Development Kit Shield Boards
    • Complete range of options for sensing (proximity, motion, touch), and control (dual LED, stepper motor, brushless DC)
B-IDK Software

The Bluetooth IoT Development Kit CMSIS-Pack includes a variety of project examples to quickly develop Bluetooth Low Energy use-cases including asset monitoring and wireless sensor networks.

The CMSIS-Pack also includes documentation and Veridify Security’s Public Key Tools* to implement device-to-device authentication.


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