Active Cable

USB-C (Type-C) active cables have the ability to interface to multiple devices with one single cable and eliminate the need for individual cables for each end device. Meanwhile, mitigating signal integrity losses have become a design challenge for the higher data rate possible with USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2. ON Semiconductor’s USB active cable solutions enable high-precision, low jitter, high gain equalization with full USB compliance and interoperability. We also provide high speed line data ESD protection products.

Block Diagram
System Devices
Function Device Description
Protection ESDL2011 High Speed Data Line Protection, Bidirectional (1 V – Thunderbolt 3.0), 0.2 pF
ESD8111P High Speed Data Line Protection (3.3 V – USB 3.x), (Tx/Rx Pairs), 0.4 pF
ESDM3551 ESD Protection Diode, CC and SBU Protection (5.5 V – USB 3.x), 21 pF
NSPM2052 ESD and Surge Protection Device, Vbat and Vbus Applications, 5 V
NSPM5131 ESD and Surge Protection Device, Unidirectional, 13.5 V
FUSB252UMX High Speed Digital (HSD) Port Protection Switch with Type-C CC
Data Path
Function Device Description
Data Redriver NB7NPQ7021M USB 3.1 Dual Channel Linear Redriver, 3.3 V
NB7NPQ702M USB 3.1 Dual Channel Redriver, 3.3 V
NB7VPQ702M USB 3.1 Dual Channel Redriver, 1.8 V
NB7NPQ701M USB 3.1 Single Channel Redriver, 3.3 V
NB7VPQ701M USB 3.1 Single Channel Redriver, 1.8 V
Function Device Description
Port Control FUSB302BUCX Programmable USB Type-C Controller with PD (Default SNK)
FUSB380 USB Type-C Autonomous Cable Maker
FSUB380C Autonomous USB Type-C Cable Marker

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