Motor Development Kits (MDK)

Industrial Motor Control System Solutions At Your Fingertips

Efficient and reliable electric motor drives are complex systems to develop, but with the Motor Development Kit (MDK) onsemi makes it easy. The comprehensive prototyping platform consist of the Universal Controller Board (UCB) which connects to an expanding variety of Power Boards to create quick-start platforms to run your motor, allowing you to rapidly test, evaluate and optimize your system before designing any hardware. Sporting the powerful Xilinx Zynq®-7000 FPGA/ARM SoC, the UCB is suited for high-end control and AI based applications. The Power Boards feature onsemi’s leading power devices and modules together with all other necessary components and devices from our broad portfolio to develop complete motor driver solutions.

onsemi Motor Development Kit

Unpacking the onsemi Motor Development Kit

Motor Development Kit Family (MDK)

More power boards from onsemi to be added to the MDK family.

The Xilinx Zynq control board can connect to and control a variety of power boards available from onsemi.
  • Test and evaluation-friendly hardware enabling rapid development
  • Interactive GUI to run a motor out of the box
  • Comprehensive system solutions for motor drivers
  • Suited for high-end motor control strategies and AI applications
  • Fully compatible with Xilinx development tools for Zynq-7000

Control + Power Kit

Order the Universal Controller Board & a Power Board for a discounted kit price. Choose the desired power board below to see the details of the kit and ordering information.

Power Boards

The SECO-1KW-MCTRL-GEVB is an AC grid compatible complete reference design for three-phase motor drives, featuring the 600V NFAQ1060L36T intelligent power module (IPM) in a DIPS6 package and an interleaved PFC controlled by NCP1632.

1 kW 600 V based on Compact IPM

The SECO-4KW-65SPM31-GEVB is a reference design for three-phase motor drives featuring the NFAM5065L4B 650 V Intelligent Power Module in a DIP39 package. It is rated for 400 VDC input, delivering up to 1 kW continuous power, with the capability of delivering up to 4 kW power for a short period of time or by adding a heatsink.

4 kW 650 V based on SPM31

MV MOSFET 3-Phase BLDC Motor Driver (Coming Soon)

Four Power MOSFET boards to support different voltage/power ranges

  • Board A: 10V-16V/600W max
  • Board B: 16V-30V/960W max
  • Board C: 30V-60V/1.2kW max
  • Board D: 60V-100V/1.2kW max

Control Boards

The Universal Controller Board is a Xilinx Zynq-based control board with on board power and interfaces. Use GUI tool to control, tune and test the motor control system.

Universal Controller Board

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