BelaSigna® 300

24 bit Audio Processor for Portable Communication Devices

Ultra-low Power
Superior Performance Without Sacrificing Battery Life

Audio clarity in portable communication devices requires advanced algorithms—which demand greater computing power. BelaSigna 300 offers more computing capability while requiring less battery power, giving portable communication device developers the ability to implement sophisticated next-generation audio processing techniques without sacrificing battery life.

To portable communication device users it means longer battery life on their cutting edge devices.

BelaSigna 300 Power Consumption chart

24-bit Processing
High Precision Computing Capability

The ability to represent and analyze different sound frequencies with greater precision enables a much more accurate reproduction of the sound environment and enables finer filtering, somewhat comparable to the superior detail captured with a high megapixel digital camera.

Increased computational power and higher audio fidelity enables a new generation of more sophisticated algorithms to tackle noise and echo, producing a richer and clearer communication experience.

24-bit Processing example

Design Flexibility
Optimized Open Platform for Design Flexibility

BelaSigna 300's CFX/HEAR dual-core architecture has unmatched flexibility with a 24-bit open-programmable DSP core and a highly configurable accelerator signal processing engine. BelaSigna 300 delivers the flexibility of a generic DSP with the power consumption and size of a fixed-function ASIC.

The dual-core architecture facilitates an evenly balanced workload, optimizing processing efficiency and minimizing processor clock speed and power consumption.

HEAR Configurable Accelerator Engine

The highly flexible accelerator engine operates in parallel with the CFX to efficiently perform common signal processing tasks, including low-delay, high-fidelity analysis and synthesis filterbanks in uniform or non-uniform bands.


The fully programmable 24-bit dual-MAC digital signal processor (DSP) core is optimized to master the BelaSigna 300 system as it simultaneously runs advanced, computationally intensive algorithms such as echo cancellation, adaptive noise reduction and speech enhancement.


BelaSigna 300's four independent audio inputs allow for more advanced audio processing algorithms to be deployed in applications such as hands-free car kits. The four input sources can be used simultaneously for multiple microphones or direct analog audio inputs. Multiple interfaces give the flexibility to seamlessly connect to other systems and typical HMI devices.

SoC Single Die 130nm

Miniature Package
Superior Audio Clarity That Proves Less Can Be More

One of the smallest audio processing systems available, the BelaSigna 300 WLCSP package can be designed into new or existing PCB layouts with little or no impact on the size of the end product.

Measuring only 3.63mm x 2.68mm x 0.92mm (0.14" x 0.10" x 0.03"), including solder balls, BelaSigna 300 is roughly the same size as a grain of rice.

Chip Comparison

Audio DSP Systems

Range of ultra-low power, fully programmable audio Digital Signal Processor (DSP) systems.

AfterMaster HD

Enhanced Sound Experience

AfterMaster HD is a revolutionary technology designed to process audio in real-time for a louder, fuller, and deeper sound.

Developed by AfterMaster HD Audio Labs, an audio technology and recording studio based in Hollywood, California; the algorithm offers the power and flexibility of a digital audio workstation that has been designed by the music industry’s most accredited engineers and producers.

AfterMaster HD is designed specifically to overcome the limitations of small or rear/downward facing speakers that are now commonplace in applications, including headphones or flat-screen televisions.

It processes input audio signals based on their tonal qualities, frequencies, sample rate, and volume level; producing an enhanced sound experience never before heard in consumer electronics.

Flexible Implementation

Available on the ultra-miniature BelaSigna 300 AM digital signal processor, AfterMaster HD can be easily integrated within any audio application.

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