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From the beginning of solid state ignition, there have been many changes in engine architectures and ignition systems. Today’s direct inject engines run much leaner than past engines, requiring significant improvements in efficiency from IGBTs. Beyond stand-alone IGBTs, the industry is moving to a more integrated approach with complete igniter modules. An igniter module couples the IGBT die with a controller, as well as other active and passive components, offering a complete SIP module solution. ON Semiconductor has a rich heritage in ignition systems, and has been a high volume supplier of ignition IGBTs since 1992. To date, we have supplied in excess of 1 billion units to light vehicles and motorcycles.
Technical Documents
Introduction to Automotive Ignition Systems
As the cost of gasoline rises and environmental concerns about vehicle exhaust attracts more and more attention, the auto industry is accelerating research on development of new power-train systems with less fuel consumption, higher power density, and enhanced robustness.
Introduction to Automotive Ignition Systems
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