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Fuse & Relay Replacement

Mechanical relays and fuses have been part of light vehicle electrical systems for decades. Neither methodology for switching and protecting is optimal for today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs with pervasive electronics. Relay and fuse replacement options include ON Semiconductor’s eFuse and SmartFET products, which provide state of the art power control and protection in small, lightweight packaging. eFuses champion the protection function, and are positioned close to the battery or to the load, while SmartFETs are optimized for applications in many places in the interior of the car including - but not restricted to - ECMs, BCMs, etc. They are employed in low-side as well as high-side configurations. eFuses, as the name suggests, mimic the behavior of a mechanical fuse by tripping, entering a current limiting mode, and employing a controlled thermal resistance to shut-down. Additional control and diagnostic features are included in this resettable device. SmartFETs and eFuses are ideal solutions for eliminating relays and fuses, as they can reduce wire gauge to lower system cost, while adding accurate protection and diagnostic feedback information. Increasing demands for quality and robustness are addressed by ON Semiconductor’s SmartFETs and eFuses using advanced capabilities to extend device lifetime, and eliminate the need for a human to replace relays or fuses. This increased robustness allows the vehicle manufacturer to create distributed power networks that respond and react instantly to any fault event.
Evaluation Boards
NIS5232-35GEVB:  NIS5232-35 Electronic Fuse Evaluation Board
The NIS5232 and NIS5235 electronic fuses are monolithic, integrated circuits that offer superior protection for overcurrent and overvoltage. The NIS5232 is designed for 12 volt systems while the NIS5235 is designed for 5 volt systems. 
NIS5232-35GEVB:  NIS5232-35 Electronic Fuse Evaluation Board
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