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Power Management ICs (PMICs)

Multiple-output power management ICs (PMICs) are gaining traction for automotive embedded power tasks. Automotive power management designs are becoming increasingly demanding for multiple reasons, including the need for low quiescent current, wide operating temperature range, strict EMC controls, reduced transients, constrained space, Functional Safety, and parts-per-billion (PPB) quality levels - attributes that are all expected by OEMs. Combined with the increasing complexity of embedded processors and their support components (e.g., DDR memory), there is an even greater demand on power rails. ON Semiconductor has vast experience in power management ICs and has been producing PMICs for the computer industry for many years. The knowledge we have gathered over years of PMIC development in computing, has been instrumental in our development of automotive capable PMICs. The company is developing an 11-channel PMIC, which will be AEC Qualified and developed in compliance with ISO 26262, and support a full range of Intel Denverton processors, from 2 to 16 cores.
Interactive Block Diagrams
NCV97200: Automotive Multi-Output Power Management IC (PMIC) for Safety Applications
The NCV97200 is a 2−output monolithic regulator consisting of 1 buck regulator and 1 boost regulator with supervisory functions including window voltage monitoring on all outputs and a window watchdog. 
NCV97200: Automotive Multi-Output Power Management IC (PMIC) for Safety Applications
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