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Application Specific Microcontrollers

Technical Documentation
The portfolio of Application Specific Microcontrollers includes a variety of 8-bit and 16-bit, ultra-low-power single-chip microcomputers, each designed for specific applications, including wireless/RF, battery charge/discharge controller, and LCD driver controller. The devices offer 16 kilobytes to 640 kilobytes ROM Flash memory and up to 16 kilobytes of RAM, on-chip debugger, and sophisticated timer/counter. The portfolio's ideal performance characteristics and features may include Low Voltage Operation, Ultra-Low Transmit Power Consumption, Ultra-Low Receive Power Consumption, Multiple Sleep Modes, Antenna Diversity, Embedded Memory Configurations, Exceptional Receiver Sensitivity, Programmable Output Power, Hardware AES 256 / 128 Encryption Engine with True Random Number Generator. Applications include Internet of Things, Security, Building and Industrial Automation, Connected Home, Wireless, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Audio-Visual and Household appliances with LCD panels, Consumer Electronics, and Smart Grid/Energy among others.
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