Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)

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These Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) include a variety of high-gain differential amplifiers that provide rail-to-rail input and/or output available in single, dual, and quad-channel configurations. The portfolio’s ideal performance is enabled by wide power supply range, high precision performance, wide bandwidth, low noise, and low power consumption.

The portfolio’s variety operational abilities make them ideal for automotive, industrial, consumer, and medical applications. The portfolio also includes AEC-Q101 Qualified and PPAP Capable options specifically engineered and qualified for automotive industry applications.

Product Family

Precision Op Amps

Amplifiers with offset voltage accuracy of less than 1 mV.

Low Power Op Amps

Amplifiers with quiescent current ≤ 250 µA.

Zero Drift Op Amps

Amplifiers with offset voltage drift of less than 0.1 µV/℃.

Automotive Op Amps

Products for automotive applications.

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Dual Operational Amplifier, 7 MHz, with Enable and CSP packaging

World's smallest dual op amp featuring a wide bandwidth.

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Precision Operational Amplifier, 10 MHz

Featuring rail−to−rail input and output, and 10 MHz bandwidth.

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Precision Operational Amplifier, 2 MHz

Featuring low input offset voltage and low offset drift over time and temperature.

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Application Note

Zero-Drift Precision Op Amps: Advantages and Limitations of the Chopper-Stabilized Architecture

Specialized op amps designed for applications that require high output accuracy due to small differential voltages. Not only do they feature low input offset voltage, but they also have high CMRR, high PSRR, high open loop gain, and low drift over temperature and time. These features make them ideal for applications such as low−side current sensing and sensor interface, particularly with very small differential signals.

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