Technical Documentation
The portfolio of Comparators from ON Semiconductor includes a variety of low power comparators that operate from single, dual, or quad-channel power supplies. These Comparators feature wide supply range, low supply current, low input bias current, and low input offset voltage. They provide flexibility for low power portable, industrial, white goods and green initiatives, allow for interfacing with high impedance sensors, and minimal error in high gain and precision applications. Applications include battery monitors, general purpose low voltage use-cases including notebook, PDAs, and general-purpose portable devices. They are designed to operate as Window Comparators, Voltage Detectors, Zero-Crossing Detectors, Signal Conditioning, and Sensor Interface in industrial control systems and white goods applications. The portfolio also includes AEC-Q101 Qualified and PPAP Capable options specifically engineered and qualified for automotive industry applications.

Product Family

High Speed Comparators

ON Semiconductor's portfolio of high speed comparators with response time ≤ 600 ns.

Low Power Comparators

ON Semiconductor's portfolio of comparators with quiescent current ≤ 500 µA.

Automotive Comparators

ON Semiconductor's portfolio of automtoive qualified comparators.


Industrial Motor Control Evaluation System

The NFAQ1060L33T is a fully-integrated inverter power stage consisting of a high-voltage driver, six IGBT’s and a thermistor, suitable for driving...

How to Protect Circuits from Overcurrent Spikes

Circuits that have overcurrent spikes pose a danger to your whole applications, and possibly the people around it. Here we show how to prevent this danger from occurring.

Product Resources


Why is my Comparator so Indecisive?

Comparators seem pretty simple. They compare two signals voltages and set the output high or low accordingly. However, if both input signal voltages are really close, even a little noise on the input signal can cause the output to oscillate between high and low logic levels. Adding hysteresis is the easiest way around this problem.

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