NCP2704: Audio Management Subsystem - Power Amplifier, Class D

Datasheet: Audio Management Integrated Circuit with 2.8 W Class D and LongPlay True Ground Headphone Amplifier
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The NCP2704 is a cost effective audio subsystem designed for portable applications such as cellular phones and portable media players. It has been designed to cover the power audio requirements in portable equipment, including a high fidelity Class D speaker amplifier and a Class G equivalent LongPlay true ground headphone amplifier. This patented headphone amplifier circuitry allows the removal of the bulky output capacitors and minimizes audio playback current consumption with minimum external components.
In addition the user can set the output swing to have enough output dynamic even when a damping resistor is added. Through a flexible I2C interface, NCP2704 can support both single ended and differential types of analog input signals. In both cases, it offers a zero pop noise signature. The same interface allows a user defined architecture with an input control, highly accurate gain setting capability from -60 dB to +12 dB and output control. In addition, NCP2704 offers the possibility to reduce EMI perturbation by lowering the rise and fall times of the Class D outputs (software programmable). The loudspeaker amplifier also includes an AGC which performs two functions: limiter and non-clipping.
Features   Benefits
  • Flexible MUX capability and volume control
  • Separated mixer control between loudspeaker and headset support, either differential or single-ended input
  • -100 dB PSRR on headphone amplifier
    -80 dB PSRR on loudpseaker amplifier
  • High sound quality
  • Low EMI filterless Class D loudspeaker amplifier, programmable high efficiency or low EMI mode
  • No output filter required
  • Programmable AGC: Non-clipping or power limit (loudspeaker output)
  • Sound pressure level maximization and speaker protection
  • LongPlay true ground headphone amplifier
  • Increased playback time
Applications   End Products
  • Audio amplification
  • Cellular phones
  • Portable media player
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NCP2704: Audio Management Subsystem - Power Amplifier, Class D
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