Interline Transfer EMCCD Image Sensor, 8.1 MP



EOL has been announced for this device

The KAE−08152 Image Sensor is an 8.1 Mp, 4/3 format (22.2 mm diagonal), Interline Transfer EMCCD image sensor that provides increased Quantum Efficiency (particularly for NIR wavelengths) compared to KAE-08151. Each of the sensor’s four outputs incorporates both a conventional horizontal CCD register and a high gain EMCCD register, resulting in exceptional low-light imaging performance.

QE at 820 nm has approximately doubled, enabling enhanced sensitivity without any decrease in the device's Modulation Transfer Function (MTF). An intra-scene switchable gain feature samples each charge packet on a pixel-by-pixel basis. This enables the camera system to determine whether the charge will be routed through the normal gain output or the EMCCD output based on a user selectable threshold. This feature enables imaging in extreme low light, even when bright objects are within a dark scene, allowing a single camera to capture quality images from sunlight to starlight.

A vertical overflow drain structure suppresses image blooming, provides excellent MTF, and enables electronic shuttering for precise exposure.

KAE-08152 is available in two package configurations: PGA, and PGA with integrated thermoelectric cooler (TEC).

  • Scientific Imaging
  • Surveillance
  • Medical Imaging
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Increased QE, with 2x improvement at 820 nm
  • Intra-Scene Switchable Gain
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Low Noise Architecture
  • Exceptional Low Light Imaging
  • Global Shutter
  • Excellent Image Uniformity and MTF
  • Multiple spectral sensitivity options
  • PCA package, or PGA with integrated thermoelectric cooler

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