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LV8714TA: Dual Stepper Motor Driver, Ultra-small Micro Steps

Datasheet: Dual Stepper Motor Driver with Ultra-small Micro Steps
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The LV8714TA is an extremely energy efficient dual stepper motor driver with operating voltage range from 4 V to 16.5 V. With low on resistance type power FETs, loss-less current sensing, synchronous rectification, and ultra-low standby current (<1µA), the device offers the best-in-class energy efficient system solution. Integrated regulators enable one-chip, single supply system solution. Built-in system protection functions such as over-current, thermal shutdown and low voltage shutdown enable a highly reliable system solution with smallest system solution footprint. Among wide variety of applications that the LV8714TA addresses are security camera systems, point of sale (PoS) terminals, document scanners and multi-function printers.
Features   Benefits
  • Quad H-bridges with PWM based constant-current control
  • One-chip solution that drives dual stepper or quad DC motors
  • Power FETs with low on resistance (Upper: 0.6Ω, Lower: 0.3Ω, Total of upper and lower: 0.9Ω @ Ta=25°C, Io=1.5A)
  • Minimizes power loss while in operation
  • Internal current sense mechanism without external power resistors
  • Loss-less current sensing that enhances energy efficiency
  • On-chip regulators for logic circuits and power FETs biasing
  • Single supply operation without external component
  • Power saving mode with ultra-low standby current (< 1µA) when idle
  • Enhances energy efficiency of the system solution
  • Built-in system protection functions such as thermal shutdown, low-voltage shutdown and over-current protection
  • Reliable system solution under harsh operating conditions
  • Full, Half, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128, 1/256 and over microstep drive is realizable by controlling VREF voltage
  • High convenience by abundant excitation mode, and low vibration by high resolution
Applications   End Products
  • Industrial
  • Computing & Peripherals
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Stagelight
  • Scanner
  • POS and Multi-purpose Printers
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Action
LV8714TAGEVK Consult Sales Office
Evaluation kit for LV8714TA PWM Constant-Current Control
LV8714TASLDGEVB Consult Sales Office
PCB module with LV8714TA
LV8714TASLDGEVK Consult Sales Office
Motor Driver Solution Kit for LV8714TA featuring Dual stepper motor driver with Ultra-small Micro Steps
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LV8714TA-NH Last Shipments
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LV8714TA QFP-48 / TQFP-48 932F-01 3 260 Tape and Reel 1000  
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LV8714TA: Dual Stepper Motor Driver, Ultra-small Micro Steps
LV8714TA: Dual Stepper Motor Driver, Ultra-small Micro Steps
LV8714TA: Dual Stepper Motor Driver, Ultra-small Micro Steps
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