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Linear Regulators (LDO)

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Linear Regulators (LDO) provide an optimum solution for low power, space conscious and low noise design requirements. The simplicity of design and few external components make them easy to integrate into the final product. This broad portfolio features high PSRR, low noise, low quiescent current (Iq), low dropout and wide input voltage range. As a market leader, we provide parts that offer industries best performance with a robust design and high quality manufacturing. Package options include the smallest size in the industry to the larger power packages providing an ideal solution for automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

Product Family

Automotive Linear Regulators (LDO)

Offers a robust design with AEC-Q100 and PPAP support. High voltage battery connected and low voltage post regulation with a wide temperature range, up to +150°C.

Industrial Linear Regulators (LDO)

A wide input voltage range and a long product support lifecycle. Provides high accuracy and excellent line/load transient regulation.

Consumer Linear Regulators (LDO)

Industry leading performance combined with smallest packaging options and easy design implementation.

Ultra High PSRR LDO

Blocks input voltage from upstream SMPS or other noise generating environment.

Ultra Low Noise LDO

Provides a clean power supply with increased accuracy and filters noise from upstream SMPS.

Low Dropout LDO

High efficiency operation with very low input-to-output voltage differential (dropout).

Low Quiescent (Iq) LDO

Low Iq allows for efficient consumption of power in operational and inactive application modes, thus extending battery life.

Wide Input Voltage LDO

Wide Vin LDO’s allow from 10 V to 700 V on the input for applications with high power or high voltage regulation requirements.

Voltage Regulator

Robust and reliable linear voltage regulators with Vin up to 40 V.

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LDO Regulator, 1.2 A

Offers low quiescent current consumption, low dropout voltage, low output noise and very good PSRR.

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LDO Regulator, 150 mA

Offers very low quiescent current, fast transient response and high input and output voltage ranges.

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