NSIC2020B: LED Driver, Constant Current Regulator, for A/C Offline Applications

Datasheet: LED Driver, Constant Current Regulator, for A/C Offline Applications
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The linear constant current regulator (CCR) is a simple, economical and robust device designed to provide a cost-effective solution for regulating current in LEDs (similar to Constant Current Diode, CCD). The CCR is based on Self-Biased Transistor (SBT) technology and regulates current over a wide voltage range. It is designed with a negative temperature coefficient to protect LEDs from thermal runaway at extreme voltages and currents.
The CCR turns on immediately and is at 45% of regulation with only 0.5 V Vak. It requires no external components allowing it to be designed as a high or low-side regulator.
The 120 V anode-cathode voltage rating is designed to withstand the high peak voltage incurred in A/C offline applications. The high anode-cathode voltage also protects surges common in Industrial and Commercial Signage applications. The CCR comes in thermally robust packages and is UL94-V0 Certified.
Features   Benefits
  • Robust Power Package: 3 W, Wide operating voltage range, Immediate turn on, Voltage surge suppressing protecting LEDs, UL94-V0 Certified, SBT (Self Biased Transistor) Technology, Negative Temperature Coefficient, Also available in 50 mA (NSIC2050BT3G) and 30 mA
    (NSIC2030BT3G), These devices are PB-Free, Halogen Free/BFR Free and are RoHS Compliant
  • High or Low side control, Simple Battery Charge, Reduce LED binning and therefore inventory, NO EMI
Applications   End Products
  • LED Drive, Battery Charging.
  • Architectural lighting - Decorative, Task, Exterior, Strip, Under Counter & Landscape. Display & Signage - Channel letters, Display backlighting, Neon bulb replacements, LED stripes & modules. Computing and Industrial - Indicator lamps, Backlights, Appliance lighting.
  • Automotive Applications - Consult Factory
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Action
Constant Current Regulator Driver Evaluation Board for LED Lighting Solutions, 230 V
NSIC Family of Constant Current Regulators Devices Evaluation Board
Budgetary Price/Unit
Case Outline
NSIC2020BT3G Obsolete
Halide free
NSIC2020B SMB-2 403A-03 1 260 Tape and Reel 2500  
Market Leadtime (weeks) : Contact Factory
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LED Lighting Solutions with the CCRACGEVB Evaluation Board
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