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NCV78663: Dual LED Driver and Power Ballast, for Automotive Front Lighting

Datasheet: Power Ballast and Dual LED Driver for Automotive Front Lighting
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Product Overview
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The NCV78663 is a single-chip and high efficient smart Power ballast and Dual LED Driver designed for automotive front lighting applications like high beam, low beam, daytime running light (DRL), turn indicator, fog light, static cornering, and so on.
The NCV78663 is a best fit for high current LEDs and provides a complete solution to drive two strings up to 60 V, by means of two internal independent buck switch channels, with a minimum of external components.
For each channel, the output current and voltage can be customized according to the application requirements. Diagnostic feature for automotive front lighting is provided on-chip.
The device integrates a voltage booster controller, realizing a unique input current filter with a limited number of externals.
The NCV78663 can be used in stand-alone mode or together with a companion microcontroller allowing maximum flexibility. Depending on the voltage and current of the connected LED string, the LED ballast parameters can be adapted by writing the SPI settings in the device, as such that no hardware changes are required.
  • Single Chip Boost-Buck Solution
  • Two Independent LED Strings Up to 60 V
  • High Overall Efficiency
  • Minimum of External Components
  • Active Input Filter with Low Current Ripple from Battery
  • Integrated Switched Mode Buck Current Regulator
  • Two Integrated Buck Switches with 1.4 A Peak Current Capability
  • Integrated Boost Controller
  • Programmable Input Current Limitation
  • Average Current Regulation Through the LEDs
  • High Operating Switching Frequencies to Reduce Inductor Sizes
  • Integrated PWM Dimming with Wide Frequency Range
  • Low EMC Emission for LED Switching and Dimming
  • SPI Interface for Optional External C and Dynamic Control of
    System Parameters
Applications   End Products
  • High Beam
  • Low Beam
  • DRL
  • Position or Park light
  • Turn Indicator
  • Fog Light
  • Static Cornering
  • Automotive
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
Product Status Compliance Short Description Action
Power LED Driver Demonstration Kit
NV786630R1DAGEVB Active
Power LED Boost-to-Buck 1.2A60 Evaluation Board
Budgetary Price/Unit
Case Outline
NCV78663DQ0G Active, Not Rec
AEC Qualified
PPAP Capable
Halide free
NCV78663 SSOP-36 EP 940AB 2 260 Tube 46  
NCV78663DQ0R2G Lifetime
AEC Qualified
PPAP Capable
Halide free
NCV78663 SSOP-36 EP 940AB 2 260 Tape and Reel 1500  
Market Leadtime (weeks) : Contact Factory
Market Leadtime (weeks) : Contact Factory
ON Semiconductor   (2020-09-02 00:00) : 142,500
Case Outlines
NCV78663: Dual LED Driver and Power Ballast, for Automotive Front Lighting
NCV78663: Dual LED Driver and Power Ballast, for Automotive Front Lighting
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Power LED Boost-to-Buck 1.2A60 Evaluation Board - NV786630R1DAGEVB
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