Series String Pixel Controller for Automotive (Front) Lighting



The NCV78247 is a single−chip pixel controller with embedded switches to control the LEDs in a series LED string, designed for automotive lighting applications and it is in particular designed for high current LEDs. In order to make a pixel light solution, the LEDs needs to be powered by preference with a current source like the NCV78763 or NCV78723/713 or NCV78825 LED drivers. The NCV78247 pixel controller devices receive the pixel control parameters from the pixel light ECU which translates the required light pattern or light image into individual pixel dimming info.One pixel controller device can control up−to 12 pixels of 1x or 2x or 3x or 4x 1A LEDs per pixel. The maximum LED string voltage has to be limited to 60 V.If more than 12 pixels need to be controlled, then multiple pixel controllers can be combined in 1 system.The 12 integrated switches are typically organized as 12 x 1 switch of 1 A, but can be organized in 6 x 2 switches in parallel to offer 6 x 1 switch of 2 A. Besides that a configuration of two strings of 6 LEDs can be supported too, also other variants are possible.

  • Static Advanced Front Lighting Functions
  • Glare−free High Beam
  • Static Swiveling
  • Beam Shaping
  • Light Power Adjustment
  • Animated Welcome Functions on Signal Lights
  • Wiping Turn Indicator
  • Matrix Beam Headlight
  • Wiping Turn Indicator
  • Single Chip
  • Integrated Switches with Multiple Configuration Options
  • Minimum of External Components
  • Dimming Controller
  • OV Detection
  • Over Temp Protection
  • Short/open Circuit Detection
  • Open LED Failure Automatic Bypass
  • Communication Interface to the Pixel Light ECU via SPI
  • Switch Slew Rate Control
  • Individual Open/Short LED Diagnostic Feedback
  • PWM + Phase Shift Unit per Channel
  • Efficient SPI Burst Data Transfer
  • Synchronization between Multiple Devices
  • Pb−Free Device
  • AEC−Q100 Qualified and PPAP Capable


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