NCP3233: Step Down Converter Operates from 3 V to 21 V and delivers up to 20 A

Datasheet: Buck Converter - High Current, Synchronous
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The NCP3233 is a 20 A step down converter (with internal MOSFETs) capable of operating from 3V to 21 V without the need for an external bias. This fixed frequency converter offers high efficiency and the output can be adjusted to offer a voltage as low as 0.6 V. An adjustable current limit allows the device to be used for multiple current levels. The part is offered is a thermally enhanced 6 mm by 6 mm QFN package. The NCP3233 is a high current, high efficiency voltage-mode synchronous buck converter which operates from 3 V to 21 V input and generates output voltages down to 0.6 V at up to 25 A DC load or 30 A instantaneous load.
Features   Benefits
  • Wide input voltage range from 3V to 21V
  • Allows same device to be used for 3.3V, 5V, and 12V bus rails
  • 300kHz, 500kHz, and 1MHz switching frequency
  • User selectable option to allow optimized trade-off between efficiency and solution size
  • Lossless low-side FET current sensing
  • Improve efficiency
  • 0.6V internal reference volttage
  • Low voltage output to accommodate low voltage cores
  • External programmable soft-start
  • Reduces in-rush current and prevents unwarranted overcurrent during start up
  • Pre-bias Start-up
  • Prevents reverse current flow
  • Hiccup Mode Operation for all Faults
  • Allows re-start if fault conditions are eliminated
  • Adjustable Output Voltage
  • Flexibility
  • Adjustable current limt
  • Optimize for overcurrent conditions. Allow smaller inductors with lower saturation currents to be used for lower current applications
  • Output Over-voltage Protection and Under-voltage Protection
Applications   End Products
  • High current POL applications
  • ASIC, FPGA, DSP and CPU Core and I/O Supplies
  • Cellular Base Stations
  • Telecom and Network Equipment
  • Server and Storage System
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NCP3233 QFN-40 485AZ 3 260 Tape and Reel 2500 $1.0524
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