Two-Phase Buck Controller with Integrated Gate Drivers and 5-Bit DAC



The CS5322 is a two-phase step down controller which incorporates all control functions required to power high performance processors and high current power supplies. Proprietary multi-phase architecture guarantees balanced load current distribution and reduces overall solution cost in high current applications. Enhanced V2™ control architecture provides the fastest possible transient response, excellent overall regulation, and ease of use.

The CS5322 multi-phase architecture reduces output voltage and input current ripple, allowing for a significant reduction in inductor values and a corresponding increase in inductor current slew rate. This approach allows a considerable reduction in input and output capacitor requirements, as well as reducing overall solution size and cost.

  • Enhanced V2 Control Method
  • 5-Bit DAC with 1% Accuracy
  • Adjustable Output Voltage Positioning
  • 4 On-Board Gate Drivers
  • 200kHz to 800kHz Operation Set by Resistor
  • Current Sensed through Buck Inductors, Sense Resistors, or V-S Control
  • Hiccup Mode Current Limit
  • Individual Current Limits for Each Phase
  • On-Board Current Sense Amplifiers
  • 3.3V, 1mA Reference Output
  • 5V and/or 12V Operation
  • On/Off Control (through Soft Start Pin)
  • Power Good Output with Internal Delay

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