Four-Phase VRM 9.0 Buck Controller



Multiphase controllers provide fast, accurate regulation with the control features required to power the next generation of processors in workstation and server applications. Combined with external gate drivers and power components, such controllers implement a compact, highly integrated buck converter. Enhanced V2™control inherently compensates for variations in both line and load. Current sharing between phases is achieved by Peak Current Sharing.

The CS5307 includes Power Good with a programmable lower threshold.

Applications include Embedded Processor Power and low voltage/high current power supplies.

  • Switching Regulator Controller
    - LossLess Current Sensing
    - Enhanced V2 Control Method Provides Excellent Regulation and Fast Transient Response
    - Programmable 200 to 800 kHz switching Frequency (Per Phase)
    - Duty Cycle - 0% to 100%
    - Programmable Adaptive Voltage Positioning Reduces Output Capacitor Requirements
    - Programmable Soft Start
  • Accurate Current Sharing
  • Protection Features
    - Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limit for Each Phase
    - Programmable Hiccup Overcurrent Protection
    - All "1 DAC Code Fault
    - Processor Overvoltage Protection through Bottom MOSFETs
    - Undervoltage Lockout
  • System Power Management
    - 5-Bit DAC With 1.0% Tolerance Compatible with VRM 9.0
    - Power Good Output
    - Programmable Power Good Lower Threshold


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