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NCP1080: Integrated PoE-PD and DC-DC converter controller, 13 W

Datasheet: Integrated PoE-PD and DC-DC Converter Controller
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Product Overview
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The NCP1080 is a member of ON Semiconductor's Power over Ethernet Powered Device (PoE-PD) product family and represents a robust, flexible and highly integrated solution targeting demanding Ethernet applications. It combines in a single unit an enhanced PoE-PD interface fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3af specification and a flexible and configurable DC-DC converter controller.
The NCP1080's exceptional capabilities offer new opportunities for the design of products powered directly over Ethernet lines, eliminating the need for local power adapters or power supplies and drastically reducing the overall installation and maintenance cost.
ON Semiconductor's unique manufacturing process and design enhancements allow the NCP1080 to deliver up to 13 W of regulated power to support PoE applications according to the IEEE 802.3af standard. This device leverages the significant cost advantages of PoE-enabled systems to a broad spectrum of products in markets such as VoIP phones, wireless LANs, security cameras, point of sales terminals, RFID readers, industrial Ethernet, etc.
The integrated current mode DC-DC controller facilitates isolated and non-isolated flyback, forward and buck converter topologies. It has all the features necessary for a flexible, robust and highly efficient design including programmable switching frequency, duty cycle up to 80 percent, slope compensation, and soft start up.
The NCP1080 is fabricated in a robust high voltage process and integrates a rugged vertical N-channel DMOS with a low loss current sense technique suitable for the most demanding environments and capable of withstanding harsh environments such as hot swap and cable ESD events.
Features   Benefits
  • Delivers up to 13 W
  • Support for traditional PoE apps
  • Full operation to TJ=150C
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Robust 3.0 kV cable ESD protection
  • Extended operation in harsh environments
  • Exposed TSSOP-20 EP package
  • Thermally enhanced package for higher output current
Applications   End Products
  • Power over Ethernet Powered Device (PoE-PD) interface and integrated DC-DC converter controller
  • VoIP phones
  • WLAN access points
  • Box security cameras
  • Industrial Ethernet HMIs and UPS backed PLCs and IOMs
  • Point of Sales terminals
  • RFID readers
Budgetary Price/Unit
Case Outline
NCP1080DEG Lifetime
Halide free
NCP1080 TSSOP-20 948AB 2 260 Tube 74  
NCP1080DER2G Lifetime
Halide free
NCP1080 TSSOP-20 948AB 2 260 Tape and Reel 2500  
Market Leadtime (weeks) : Contact Factory
Market Leadtime (weeks) : Contact Factory
Case Outlines
NCP1080: Integrated PoE-PD and DC-DC converter controller, 13 W
NCP1080: Integrated PoE-PD and DC-DC converter controller, 13 W
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